The Dapper Butch is Emily Smith, a writer for Bold Strokes Books, out of Boston, Mass. Please visit her official page at http://www.emilysmithbooks.wordpress.com.image

Interested in adding to the Dapper Butch family? We are always looking for interesting articles on style, lesbian/queer relationships, and life in general. Shoot us an email at [email protected].

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  1. You’re a writer? You want to here the story of a Southern Baptist university allowing a gay-straight alliance as a student organization?
    Love your blog. Great insight into what it means to be a female gentlemen, a dapper butch.

    1. Claire– first of all, thanks for following. It means a lot to have some readers who like what I’m trying to do! There isn’t enough quality material out there for butches. Second, I would love love love to hear that story!! Please email it to me at [email protected]!

  2. I’m interested in writing a book about my life regarding my wife, my ex-hole husband, and my 3 daughters. A situation where I’m on the end of most men, paying child support and him keeping me from seeing my girls because of my marriage/civil union. Looking for advice or publishing contacts etc to help me get started.

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